Reviews for "PACO-PACO"

Possible bug: sometimes I randomly stop and lose my speed, as if I've hit something, but there was nothing there. Happens mid air and on the ground. Also to that end, I think you should make it impossible for bats to spawn too high - can't even see them on the backdrop at the top, so it's not really fair to bump into them up there. Or maybe invert their color when they go too high? I dunno. Anyway, decent game, hope you continue to update it.

Not great but also not horrible. The game is beautiful visually but technically it lacks. There are way too many enemies and patches of dirt to get stuck on So I got bored extremely quickly.

There is a lot of issues with this game that when ironed out, will turn it into a fairly good runner.
As said below, the terrain randomization is a good concept, but has been done poorly. It's a hard thing to get right, but it needs to be done if you want your game to be fun. Too many times did I get stuck on terrain with no hope of ever moving again.

Another thing. The jumping sound. When you have a game where the mechanic is to jump over obstacles constantly, please for the love of gaming DO NOT make it annoying/repetitive. It gets highly irritating and makes it hard for me to enjoy the game with that sound always going off.

Art style reminds me of Limbo, which is all right. Premise isn't bad. Gameplay leaves way too much to be desired.

I feel as though the vast majority of the deaths I've seen in this game were out of my control, and that's not acceptable in a skill/avoid game. Randomly generating terrain and randomly placing enemies is fine until you get into a position where there's just too much stacked against you to do anything.

My last run, for example. Got to 15k, a few close calls, doing pretty well, suddenly I encounter an uphill segment with a spike above and three bats crowded at the top. I'm screwed. There is literally nothing I can do to get past this. And if it isn't this it's a long stretch of grass with spiders in it, or one terrain segment not meshing into the next properly and letting me clip through it. I've also seen plenty of occasions where there'll be a cliff with a boulder hanging off the left side where reacting one second too late means you're trapped and there's nothing you can do.

Another thing that annoys me is how meaningless movement speed is. Whether the monster gets you depends on how many things you bump into in a row, not how fast you're moving. If I can run for a straight minute without hitting anything it makes sense that I should have more than two seconds after tapping a patch of grass before the monster catches up to me, doesn't it? Not the case.

Also, running uphill slows you down. Which I don't mind so much, except if you run into anything while you're going up a hill you will slide backwards down that hill. Usually right into the monster.

This was a better weird game. There were no instructions or anything. I was able to figure most of them out, I think. I was also confused as to when you went to a stalactite. For some example, you couldn't squeeze between it. I'm thinking it could have just been some button I wasn't pressing.

The environment is great. Is there any way to kill those enemies? It seems like you just had to avoid them altogether. I wouldn't quite recommend this. It seemed too difficult to care for that much.