Reviews for "PACO-PACO"

Medals are never awarding on Chrome. Also medals are only sometimes awarding on Firefox, but at least you can keep trying on Firefox and it might award some medal previously cheated from you.

I repeat -- medals will *never* award in this game if you're using Chrome browser!

Increíble juego, pero como salvo a mi hermana? ya supere el récord y no se como hacerlo :(

The medals don't seem to be working, I ran 8000 on my first run, but nothing unlocked. Tried again, nothing. Seems like a good game overall, albeit from some rough grass and a real surplus of obstacles that slow you down and make it feel like it takes a bit too long to make progress... and the monster doesn't feel as big a threat as the pitfalls do, to which you can even jump back or slide down a slope if you happen to run into one of the many roaming insects. I like the silhouette style, though can't decide if it's good or bad that different elements aren't somehow differentiated between, or highlighted. Good game; hope those medals get fixed!


I've played this game a few times now, and I can't seem to unlock any medals even though I should have unlocked a majority of them. Not sure if it's a bug or not, otherwise keep up the good work!

3er lugar cm c la ven -3- ahq