Reviews for "PACO-PACO"

The game is fun, but it's filled with so many bugs it can be frustrating. So far I've encountered invisible walls, obstacles so close together that completely block the way, and the character losing its acceleration mid-jump for no reason at all. The idea is good enough to deserve more stars, but so many bugs make the game feels incomplete and that ruins the experience for me.


The Upside:
Style - The presentation very much reminds me of Limbo, and that's a style I really like. It was done well, and performs smoothly.

The Downsides:
Sound - The character's voice annoying to start, and this factor is multiplied by repeating the same sound clip every time you jump. My recommendation would be too lower the VO volume, use a sound that doesn't cut in so sharply, and have it only play every few jumps instead of every time the button is pressed. A variety of sound bytes would help immensely as well.

Soundtrack - While the upbeat and fast-paced tone of the track definitely works for this style of running game, it contradicts the gloomy and ominous atmosphere of the style. Something sounding a little more desperate and/or ominous would play to the advantage of the atmosphere as opposed to working against it.

Procedural Generation - I can commend you for taking the risk of trying procedural generation, so I want to let you know that it needs a bit more polish; on my first and third attempt a stalactite was hanging all the way into the floor, making it impossible to pass, and cuing an inescapable failure.

Speed - The running speed doesn't gradually build up, and instead will suddenly catapult the character to maximum speed from almost standing still. The time of pause between the loss of speed and then regaining it also tends to get you caught and irritate the player. I can see that there was good effort, so don't think I'm riding this one. This is a really crucial factor to a running game.

It was worth playing and getting a little frustrated with, but its most glaring points are its lack of tutorial and context.
"Why am I here?"
"What am I supposed to be doing?"

This little game would be much more appealing if there were some answers to these questions, and could even shine with enough development put into the lore and setting. Don't stop now.


It was a cool game for what it was. I did find a game breaking bug however. I ran maybe 20 times and 3 of them had a space I could not get past due to the terrain being too close together. It was mostly a high cliff and than the rocks on the top. One of them I might have been able to get past but it was the same thing with one of the little monsters blocking the only way past and grass behind it.

Other people posted most of the rest. I had got allot of enemies in a row baby monster on the ground and bats on top. No way to really get past it.

Also got stuck on terrain allot. Tiny little spike was able to stop me. Had a ramp I landed on and I could not move up or jump out of it.

Keep up the good work :)

The game is fun and challenging, however sometimes, the course randomly produces two obstacles which block you from advancing and you can't duck or slide past them and that makes it impossible to outrun the monster. Speaking of obstables, theres so many so soon in the game. It would be better if the frequency of obstables increased the further you advanced in the game up to a certain point as to make difficult, but not impossible to keep going. Also, the stun effect after hitting a creature lasts too long and can potentially end the game. If you shorten the time on that just a bit, it would make the game a little more bearable. Other than that its not a bad game.