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Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

Gaylord Focker Just joined your group XD 10/10

an alien ship attacked me in the sewers?

It's one of the better games I've seen on Newgrounds. It deserves to be on Steam that's how good it is.

This is super fun but, even though i found the Wabbajack I couldn't just turn all my adversaries into chickens. Very unrealistic.

with 80 survivability over 100 companions 332 skill 1236 food 11 luck and over 2000 weapons and the religious war raging for years and years (all the stats above keep increasing as each day i let the war continue) i am on day 150 at 100 health easily killing any infidel that shows his face around the great electronicia religion HQ i fully expect to survive until the very end of time or until i manage to survive until the war stops which i will not allow it if any other religion except electronicia wins.This game is great but i could want some more gameplay except staring at my screen and praying to the great electronic god that i manage to get more survivability than 70,otherwise the game is amazing and i really hope you make sim apocalypse 2 or something.