Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

13 days 20 hours in a Frigid wasteland

Got day 50 and day 150 achievements but the dy 100 didn't pop, even though it says that I got it in game ....weird

The game's concept is interesting, but the 10 years medal is crazy to reach: I verified that game's time counter consider 1 day composed of 24 hours, 1 week composed of 7 days, 1 month composed of 4 weeks (not 30/31 as I supposed at the beginning), 1 year composed of 12 months, so 10 years = 10*12*4*7 = 3,360 days; 1 day in-game is equivalent to 25 seconds in the real world, so 1 minute in the real world is equivalent to 2.4 days in-game, then 3,360 days / (2.4 days/minute) = 1,400 minute in the real world, or 23 hours and 20 minutes if you prefer. Considering the amount of time lost between your defeat in a scenario and re-rolls you've to do in order to begin the next one, more then 24 hours of gameplay are required. This is really an exaggeration: it's necessary to add a fast-forward button or increase days in-game / minutes spent playing ratio.
Another idea to improve the game could be to add some checkpoints (every 15-30 days that you survived, for example) so to make other choices, in order to feel less a mere observer.

well the graphic aspect of the game is close to none, but the idea of so many apocallyptic scenerios is just gorgeous. 10/10 for that idea.

That "MISSILE INCOMING" screen is bullshit. ;-;

But it's a fun game to burn some time with, I recommend it if you have 10-15 minutes to spare.