Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

The game's concept is interesting, but the 10 years medal is crazy to reach: I verified that game's time counter consider 1 day composed of 24 hours, 1 week composed of 7 days, 1 month composed of 4 weeks (not 30/31 as I supposed at the beginning), 1 year composed of 12 months, so 10 years = 10*12*4*7 = 3,360 days; 1 day in-game is equivalent to 25 seconds in the real world, so 1 minute in the real world is equivalent to 2.4 days in-game, then 3,360 days / (2.4 days/minute) = 1,400 minute in the real world, or 23 hours and 20 minutes if you prefer. Considering the amount of time lost between your defeat in a scenario and re-rolls you've to do in order to begin the next one, more then 24 hours of gameplay are required. This is really an exaggeration: it's necessary to add a fast-forward button or increase days in-game / minutes spent playing ratio.
Another idea to improve the game could be to add some checkpoints (every 15-30 days that you survived, for example) so to make other choices, in order to feel less a mere observer.

well the graphic aspect of the game is close to none, but the idea of so many apocallyptic scenerios is just gorgeous. 10/10 for that idea.

I'm not gonna lie, I clicked this game fully thinking that I'd have to make some important choices. Nope. That aside, the idea behind it is rather creative, though it isn't as immersive due to the lack of engaging game play. Aside from allocating stats and toggling the music button, the rest of the game is really just crossing fingers and hoping for the best.

The overall gameplay could definitely be improved though, such as putting a limit as to how many things we're allowed to carry (because let's be real here, who in their right mind carries 300+ weapons during an apocalypse?) or even better, have the players decide on which weapons to keep and discard. The same could be applied to food and survivors (with respective stats) who wants to join the group.

Lastly, the scenarios. This one's a pity as the game could've expanded this part in so many ways. With the vastly different types of apocalypses, the game could've thrown different outrageous situations out and have the player decide on how they'd act- it'll also be more realistic.

read to bottom of page, scrolled back up, died in 4 days

Wow. Bronies for the win...

70 SV
33 Luck
1 C
0 Food
5 W

Then just level everything in to skill (~100 SK)

And I have easily gotten farther than any other time I have tried. Who knew Bronie's would save the world from apes.