Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

Interesting, which I had a little more input in what happened, but kinda fun to leave running in the background while watching a tv show or something.

Great game. Thanks for the Tomagotchi.

Wow but I really enjoyed this. It's damn hard though, lol. I made it to 20 days and 15 hours. I think I'm starting to get a hang for what stats you need though. I laughed a lot, btw, at the comments about who was attacking me, what was going on in the world, and who joined my party. My heart broke when Daniel Jackson died but I was thrilled to get Hermione (Emma Watson) lol. Shocked the hell out of me when I got to 10 days on the Nuclear war and had a huge MISSILE INCOMMING show up across the screen and blow everything to hell. Well done!

Not bad, but there´s like like no interaction at all, the music is OK, but the game gets boring pretty fast.

P.D. Why everybody tries to kill me?, i´m such a douche?

Anyone else google the names of the companions you find?