Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

Got Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, and Brad Pitt to join me.

10/10 would survive anything again.

This is a pretty cool concept, just wished there was more interaction.

i survived 3 years as a nobody with a desert eagle in a robot upriseing

This game is fascinating and kind of unpredictable at times. Including characters like Obama and Chuck Norris bring a smile to my face and makes me chuckle. The Skill and Luck levels are what's needed. Also food, but meh.

This game is just descent overall, from the different disasters/apocalypses, to the randomization. And it helped out that you added a re-roll reroll feature, because people may not get what they want. So good game, can't wait to see another game by you.

i survived more then 1 year (in a single game, not total); should be next medal after 150 days. Also a speed inreaser would be nice. And if u could earn more points from more archievements, u would have a nice endless idle game!