Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

I can't believe you made a sequel (or prequel if you want to get technical) that managed to be not only as good as your first video, but possibly even better. I was starting to think you guys were a one-hit wonder, but I see that I was mistaken. I'd give this 6 stars if I could.

This has the highest rating of any submission I've ever seen on this website! I am simply amazed at how good it is. The best part about this is how it's so worthwhile to watch. It just keeps getting better as it goes on. I absolutely loved the animation. For all that was, the characters were even better!

I really had no idea what story it would take. It ended up having tons of everything. In the end, its emotion was its strongest point. I certainly want this to be made into a series. I guess it wouldn't feature the same characters. Thank you for giving us this amazing story of love, action, greed, and everything else you could think of in a cartoon deserving its 4.80 score!

Love it when one of these gems show up Newgrounds, everything was extremely well done and fit together perfectly; I love the theme of no voice acting, blissful scenes and music, and the amazing camera angles. The artwork was detailed enough without being distracting/having random stuff in the backgrounds, and then animation was fluid, energetic, without being too cartoony (and getting out of theme), like the minute way the shadow hero throws the hero, with a weird bend in his fingers. I wanted to complain to that this isn't long enough, but I then I realized that it's actually 20 whole minutes...time flies when you're watching a great video. Another thing that I've realized is that is this actually the 3rd part of a series...that I've actually watched! It's incredible how much your animating as improved (unless, of course, you're actually a company, and hired new animators)!

If Dark Souls 2 hadn't already used it, the Throne of Want would've been an excellent name for that place at the end.

Epic, just epic lol.