Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

I remember that I watched the first episode "Reward" some long time ago (maybe on Youtube or somewhere else) and then I thought how masterful yet simple was your visual storytelling.
Now I've discovered that there is a whole series in the making and this episode (more like prequel) is way better both visually and story wise (at least in my opinion). It is beautifully executed and I loved it more than "Reward" on so many levels.
The only thing the story does not conclude is what happened to the girl? I thought she'd appear at the end, at least as some kind of a passing notion. But she was sort of forgotten. Anyway, I loved this episode and I am very happy to have found you again on NG!
EDIT: Alright, I checked the next episodes and it seems like you have a different story about the girl's adventure! That's awesome, now my question is answered.

Wow... This is an actual masterpiece.

Thats was deep!


And so here is a nice visual of a nice film here and this one was a tad dark but that's ok I liked it so nice job there I like the visuals you presented here and just some great stuff in this one you are truly talented when it comes to this stuff

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Was not expecting this to be so dark, but I loved it. This map seems to be getting a lot of ppl killed tho lol. I'm sure Newgrounds and Yacht Club love the cameos too.