Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

Beautiful. Wonderful. Praise.
Seriously, though, this was an amazing short film. It gave so much information in so many ways, and showed so much about the hero and his lady, with hardly any dialogue. With gestures and facial expressions you showed us love, heartbreak, and madness, and it was glorious.
Thank you.

Those hyper realistic close-ups just kill me

Shovel Knight!!!
Also beautiful, I love The Reward! ;we; Actually 2 weeks ago I was watching it again because it's so amazing! Hope the Kickstart go as planned and you can complete it. Good luck!

^_^i could seriously see this turn into a full blown movie the laughs and i am shore all the funy things they would say^_^just lovely i loved it through out the entire thing the guys battle with greed and the wommans feeling like he pays less and less attention to her mainly when he wants to seek out adventure partialy to pay for the expensive stuff the girl wants ^_^it rely pulls at the heart strings and i love it

Amazing work!! Solid animation with some very smooth scene transitions. Also, love how you can clearly express everything about a character without speaking a single word.