Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

Kickass work that has dared to echo the halls of NG. You don't know how inspiring your work really is to us animators. I wish nothing but the best for your series. I will be an avid watcher :D

Once again, you guys BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER with great sound mixing, and superb story telling. ALL of my STARS to this. Kudos.

so that's the origins of the treasure map oh man that was epic too bad the mage and soldier didn't have a thief or a rogue with them to inspect the room they found better XD


FREAKING EPIC! This really was an Epic! Not a word spoken and yet the story told so well!

Top of the class! This month shows a winner for sure on Newgrounds! Way past cool. More explosive than dynamite. Not a snooze to be seen anywhere. This so captures the flavor of warrior greed and narcissism. This captured so many emotions that did not have to be explained in words.

This was just that good. WAY TO GO! To the group who made this happen... Two thumbs up and both big toes too!