Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

This is freaking incredible. Everything about this. Fuck, definitely 5 stars

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely this movie is worth an infinite amount of words.

Hand crafted from beginning to end, it feels so...I don't even know. To confine it to one single word is an injustice. I saw The Reward, that was 2 years ago, and I was waiting for the time when I'd finally see this. I waited a long time, but I wasn't disappointed. The story is so rich and beautiful, and just like the first one, it was told through imagery alone. Not a single word was uttered. Simply a grunt here, a battlecry there, laughs, smiles, smirks, frowns and anguish and pain. You did it to me once already with the first one, so it's not so unbelievable, but it still hits so hard. It's impossible to not feel attuned to this masterfully formed story of love and adventure.

If I had money, I'd totally back this project, because I want to see the series become a reality. Next time I have money that's unspoken for, I'll give as much as I can. Thank you for another wonderful ride.

Godspeed to you, Sun Creature Studios.

Phenomenal. I hope that lady comes into play later, though.

THIS ONE HAS ALMOST 5 STARS. actually you really deserve to have 5 stars. Beautiful graphics, its okay that there is no voice acting , much better i think. also every detail has a specific sound, shadow etc. some scenes are so hilarious. some scenes are so dramatic. nevel dull, 20 minutes is worth it is not wasting time. love this.

Although excited for this project, I was a little skeptical. The Reward seemed complete, with a nice message about The Journey vs The Destination. I didn't know what a whole series built around it could add that wouldn't seem superfluous. I am no longer a skeptic! Without uttering a word of dialogue the characters and the world you've created (a character in itself) manage to take us on an amazing journey into ourselves. A seemingly light-hearted adventure in a whimsical animation style belie the subject matter, as we are shown the depths of greed, pride, courage, and love, the evil and greatness that we are capable of, and what it means to confront oneself. Please, continue to make these fantastically entertaining films that can both weigh heavy on the heart and lift it to new heights.