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Reviews for "Decision 3"

good game but am i the only one that misses the game play of the first 2

good game, but i agree with some critics.
i dont find bad that you make similar games with a few features, but you coul fix the weak parts of the game.
for example, defending your areas from constant attacks with turrets its repetitive and boring.
you could instead, let the player fight the horde like if it was upgrading the fort and have the turrets as back up.
that way, you gain experience, more money, its a real challenge, and the player wont be pissed for having to do it again.
also, the survivors are a great idea, but its dificult to find the ones that you constantly need like engeneer and soldier. a good solution would be that you could train the survivors. pay 5000 money to turn a civilian in an engeneer and souch.
as a personal recuest, when i see those hammers in the map, i have the urge to drive them.
it woul make the gameplaly more diverse, having the choice to simply sit in a car and ram trought the horde (with the counter of wining less money and still having to deal with the bosses on foot)
i like your games, and sorry for my bad english

While there are some new and interesting concepts to enjoy (i.e. the cutscenes and art), it very hard to play with because it cause alot of lag compared to the others. I could not enjoy the game i like i could with the others. Sacrificing gameplay for graphics is NOT a good idea.

I felt that the game was cheap.
Cheap not because of quality but because you used a lot from previous games that the game felt like an expansion and not an actual sequel.It

You basically turned medieval version and put the old present setting and named it Decision 3.
I even notice some maps to be the exact same as previous games.

I manage to finish it and I played it really hard.
I gave up at maxing rocket launcher and bow because they shoot so slowwwwwwwww and takes so long to level them. I maxed all other weapons and upgrades and had 300k cash
Melee weapon was op and I love it. I could kill big zombies in seconds.
It would be better if there where areas like military base to find soldiers.
Labs to find engineers.
Construction zones to find builders or better yet be able to buy them!
I had too much money and too much materials!
Materials are useless in the game it would been better If I could sell them instead.

great game,, just like the older ones , only new and improved,, really digging it