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Reviews for "Decision 3"

I played it and liked it

Hey :)

Nice game, long hours of playing. Not intellectual challenging, plain Run 'n Gun. I like :)

Problems I encountered:
Bosses sometimes aren't "found", I can kill them but the game doesn't realize he was "found", and I can't finish the mission. Same thing with Dr. Bear. Found him, didn't get the achievement.
When rambling, I always forget which part of which area I just went to. Would be nice to have it in the mission debriefing.
There's a lot more than 50 stashes.

Amazing work, worth of its 5/5 vote and 4 stars. Reason i don't give it a 5 stars is mainly because it has such a potential story-wide and yet does nothing with it. A shame. But that aside, it's really a well thought and addictive game. There's also the problem of some glitches here and there. For instance, controls get rigged at times, in a lag-like manner, causing the hero to move on its own according to the key pressed just before it started lagging and ignoring new ones, often causing death. Another glitch is the spawn and travel path of NPCs, on some map they will spawn off map (area 5, factory & shelter capture, there is a friendly NPC that is completly unreachable, north east of the map corner), and others will spawn and move inside building blocs, becoming invulnerable in the process until they get back in map. Once i even had a zombie roamer that fled me that way, leaving the map pure and simple...

I'm also a bit disapointed, i completed the mission in the Massacre battlefield (the southern battlefield with the zombie god troll) with all objectives achieved, yet it seems the battlefield can't be silenced and turned green. Same for the other battlefield, with the second super mutant boss. Would have been interesting to have a way to turn the entire city green... ;)

I may still have


For those having trouble with the threat management, my advice : don't invade all zones in a row. A zone will turn green once you've built all red upgrades in all building it has, result of which will be no attack and no threat generation. From that, if you choose the upgrade order right, you can keep 0 threat for quite a while, until reaching the factory upgrades in fact.

Here's what i do : i only invade a new zone once i have at least 20k credits, 4 soldiers and 1 civilian in my team. This allows me to complete the shelter (remember you need the outpost to grab the red shelter upgrades) and have no threat generation early. Then i go for the yellow and special upgrades of the outpost, as you won't get any siege attempt as long as you have no red upgrade on the outpost. Then, the red outpost upgrade to bring my threat generation decrease to the max, and then i do the red factory upgrades, doing the -frontier outpost mission to clean the threat they generate. Once that's done, the area is green, leaving me plenty of time to purchase the other factory upgrades as well as the inspector upgrades without having to care about ennemy attacks.

As for recruiting survivors, at first do the explore 1 mission of the starting area, but as soon as you get to invade a new area choose the one north to the starting one : its own explore 1 mission houses tons of survivor, and as such is a golden opportunity for survivor grinding until the end of the game. Did not get the ones you wanted ? Go back for some more ! Just keep an eye on threat levels of other areas that you may not have turned green yet.

Hope you'll enjoy even more the game now. ;)

I like the whole Decision series, but the Medieval instance was by far my favorite. Not only the story is better constructed (with a link in what happens in the 3rd instance) but the weapon choice is also nicer. Still, my main concern is that, as Ziggy79 pointed out, the help from the other survivors is really small and unfitting and the game sometimes feels grinding and frustrating - not because of the feel of the gameplay, because that would be interesting - but because of design decision. It would be nice if, for example, your co-soldiers would have a backstory and if they could lvl. up and become more efficient. The upgrade they have helps quite a bit, but it's not enough.

Also, the story has been evolving and becoming more interesting since the first instance, but is still shallow. Anyways, the game is still fun and well produced. Oh, one last thing: for the sake of god, even if it is an expensive upgrade, please, pretty please with sugar on top, make it possible to put *** SOMETHING *** in the allies that differs them from the enemies in a corpse-littered-enemy-crowded scenerio. Please. Thank you.

Great game with some pretty obvious flaws.

Good stuff:
1.) Lots of hidden stuff, weapons and such.
2.) Different ways to progress.
3.) Many types of nemies.
4.) Hard.

Not so perfect:
1.) Narrative is scarse and uninteresting. Too little story-points and information. (The could be some dialogue or notes, diary-pages etc to collect...)
2.) Too many enemies with insane amount of healt. Battle goes on-and-on.
3.) Micromanagement. If the earlier levels are fortified, where are the hordes coming from? It's boring to go back to the easy stages just to clean them up regularly. Why is there no-one else to shoot down the zombies with a minigun? Why should the hero bother? And yes, I have bought the recruites and updates, but the factories build up the tension.