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Reviews for "Decision 3"

although i don't usually like 3'rd person games this is one is pretty cool. i was kinda hopiing it would stay with the visual style of the opening animation but other than that and the cant move

the presentation, ambience, and feel are awesome, the audiovisual aspect is flawless, and the whole thing feels very professional.

there's just one thing i see is since decision 1, sprites on the ground seem to be mostly rectangular, and corners and other regions of the floor that would seem to be passable, aren't, thats one naggin thing that really seems out of place on this otherwise exemplar execution.

Good Game,Though there are some glitches with combat because every time i hit a regular roaming zombie on the ground it sometimes doesn't kill him when i kick him,even when i shoot him to low health.Game gets repetitive after a while but it also gets interesting because of new classes of zombies.Also the rocket launcher is still pretty good against large groups of enemies but still under powered when killing single zombies.This game has been a blast though.
P.S. First review

Loved the first two and this one even more!!!!

Lol love how in the intro the bearded guy says ''great shot'' when youre standing litterally 2feet away from the zombie XD

Its frustrating how useless the bazooka is you should at least double that damage.