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Reviews for "Decision 3"

great game,, just like the older ones , only new and improved,, really digging it

...I don't care if you guys think this review is useless...

I'm still giving it a damn 5!

Fun game, to bad some game breaking designs that werent in Decision 2. Ex:
1- If you're gonna make more enemies that knock you down, don't make them from 3 (decision 2) to 12 difrent ones
2- If a enemy can knock you down from range (leap or throwing missiles/objects), don't make them capable of doing so from farther away then you vision, it takes away the abilitie from the player to manouver and makes it relie on luck
3- Soldiers/engeneers are too hard to find and it soon becomes a game of searching for people to upgrade the houses in empy fields (wich is boring) and defendig from raids (the most boring part of the game)
4- If you pick only cannons to defend a outpost you can't hit near your wall so if a enemy sometimes crosses a certain line, you cant kill him and you'll lose becouse even the most weak grunt cam distroy a wall if you cant hit him

Love these games. Nice to see another one.
Good time wasters :D

With each iteration you fix overpowered issues, add more logistics, redesign balance, and force us to make new choices. Decision 3 is really living up to its name now. The only issue I see are grammar errors throughout (incorrect tenses end up used, prepositions used when they are not needed) and I'm noticing them pop up consistently in the same places in each game. You should consider a proofreader at some point. It's pretty much the last bit of spit shine this series needs... and I thought that about Decision 2 honestly.