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Reviews for "Decision 3"

Give it an overarching point. After about 30 minutes it feels pointless and repetitive. Put some interesting characters that we can actually care about, have some more story related stuff happen, or just give us more of a goal than "clear out this portion of some random town." It feels like you took it too seriously and didn't have any fun with it

The game is good and the loading is never be.........but you play the survival game that help survivor,upgrade things/construction/defense and the best of all survive the zombie attacks because you dont wanna try it again that you have alot of finished task.This is good game for me and do little from the loading cause some other people can't wait to play this game..........This game like a the last stand of reunion city game some like this game and i like the 3rd view....so THANKS :) ****(@_@)

Decision 1 and Decision 2 were annoying sometimes. Decision:Medieval was nicer than than the first two parts. This one is perfect. The slow loading was one of the problems, though. Basically, this game is a good zombie defense simulator.

One of the best games that ever stepped in Newgrounds.

Good game, enjoyed the city building and exploring sections. Game mechanics and combat were on par if not better than previous games. Though I was annoyed many times at how enemies could chain together knockdown effects like grenades, jumps, rockets and I had no way to run or fight back until I eventually died. And also not being able to find a specific type of person to build things, builders were always hiding from me it seemed. Other than that, great game.