Reviews for "TD-One Shall Stand"

Love your work man. I kinda had the same thing you went through and realized art school actually isn't for me. Sucks because I don't know what to do man, everyone told me "hey you draw good. You going to an art school?" and I am all like "Heck yeah I am." Kinda glad I didn't because I went to a try out thing and relearned everything I already knew. I can't wait to see what is the next episode is.

I just love these episodes. Everytime another adventure.

Mmm, I can relate to this one! Well, apart from that thing about going to art school, drawing art... that thing. Thanks for another entertaining episode, of which the only slightly annoying feature was that clipping audio in the intro. Keep it going!


ah yes a story I can relate to

Highschool Yearbooks suck. Honestly think your teacher hit you up to embarrass you. It's a conspiracy to keep everyone down a peg.

Thanks for the update, the animation is minimal, but the pictures do wonders with the voice over to actually make me give a damn about past Dave's struggles.