Reviews for "TD-One Shall Stand"

I did something just like this, but i was sent to do it for troubled youth in the winter. They did some many dumb things in their life that it was hard to look at them as normal people. i helped the best way i did, but i don't feel like I did anything. Still I feel like I tried my best.

Wonderful cartoon! It's great that you made something based on your own life. I can imagine this happening to anybody. I have my own problems with college and the like. I'm not going to use this review as a way to tell you my life's story, though. I will say that you have great drawings.

I hope the Texas girlfriend worked out well with you. I love the name of this. It makes it seem like there's some epic battle in this. Instead, you showed us a battle a lot of us go through. This was quite insightful.

Studying in France is freeunless you aim at famous/private schools/universities (for which you can earn scholarships). It's a very different system. I really love what you do, talent has never depended on teachers ! ( I know it it coz I'm a teacher)

I went 2500 miles away from my little town in rural united states to Canada just so I COULD pay 3,000 dollars to go to art school. Works out far better than the 30 - 50 thousand it costs to attend it in the US.

Raziberry responds:

It costs 30 grand to attend a one year introductory course?
God damn, your country has some weird ideas sometimes.

Omg, I get the feels! I once had to go and talk about mathematics, algebra, to middle schoolers, omfg it, just AGH! I get that feel man.