Reviews for "TD-One Shall Stand"

Been enjoying all of these; this felt even more depressing than the others while still maintaining that hint of optimism that I seem to get by the end.

Just a note on the "music intro," and I get the stylistic approach of it is meant to be funny, but man this one is annoying!

Raziberry responds:

The intro wasn't meant to be funny.

Simply the best!

I loved this flash, it was so deeply moving. Not only that, it was entertaining as well. Your narrating voice was perfect, and always kept me interested. Plus I loved the your artistic style of your work, and how you went about making this.

The resemblances from your movie and my life is crazy. I related so much of what you said into points in my life. Roughly had the same feelings towards those given situations, as you did.

On another note, I never heard of your series or seen a flash of yours before. But after this, I will indefinitely be checking out EVERYTHING you put out!

Great work, and never stop doing what you're doing man!



Raziberry responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot for the kind words, you've made my night over here!

Not to be too SERIOUS or something.. but as hard on others as the last animation was.. you were harder on yourself this time. Seeing as the entire series dances between self mocking and naval gazing, moi being surprised is not happening.

Good GOD I love your work! I got a SERIOUS giggle from the intro soundtrack (DARE! dare to be all your.. ow.. I'll stop singing.. ow.. pencils hurt!) I also loved the late nite comp lighting. It turned out flat out gorgeous!

The references to the other episodes would be hilarious writing.. if it weren't like.. true.. looking back and laughing at your history and self is a tool you have certainly honed.

Thank you, as always, for the art.

awesome stuff as always

good luck with the sequels , were waiting

Love the animation style, can't wait for more.