Reviews for "TD-One Shall Stand"

WAIT something is fucked up, this is fucked up in the time line, in a previous episode you said you broke up with that girl from texas, and this seems more like your year 1 fundies not year 2? we were already in year 2 fundies! wtf?! im confused?

Raziberry responds:

This episode takes place in my second year of Art Fundamentals. I'm not sure what you're confused about?

canada bro's for days.

Five stars just for the intro. The rest was brilliant.

You really are great, I never watch something like this. The way you make it is all the sparkles and I really love what you do. I'm waiting for the next one ! Keep it up Raziberry :)

I was deep in to it and wanted to know the whole story, until you stopped it in the middle ;(

Plz finish it and upload the rest, btw it needles to say that I like your work. Keep up !

Raziberry responds:

Continued next episode, don't worry!
(or just go check out my YouTube)