Reviews for "TD-One Shall Stand"

Highschool Yearbooks suck. Honestly think your teacher hit you up to embarrass you. It's a conspiracy to keep everyone down a peg.

Thanks for the update, the animation is minimal, but the pictures do wonders with the voice over to actually make me give a damn about past Dave's struggles.

Been enjoying all of these; this felt even more depressing than the others while still maintaining that hint of optimism that I seem to get by the end.

Just a note on the "music intro," and I get the stylistic approach of it is meant to be funny, but man this one is annoying!

Raziberry responds:

The intro wasn't meant to be funny.

Only $3,000? Us Americans have to pay allot more for the same experience

Wonderful cartoon! It's great that you made something based on your own life. I can imagine this happening to anybody. I have my own problems with college and the like. I'm not going to use this review as a way to tell you my life's story, though. I will say that you have great drawings.

I hope the Texas girlfriend worked out well with you. I love the name of this. It makes it seem like there's some epic battle in this. Instead, you showed us a battle a lot of us go through. This was quite insightful.

I was deep in to it and wanted to know the whole story, until you stopped it in the middle ;(

Plz finish it and upload the rest, btw it needles to say that I like your work. Keep up !

Raziberry responds:

Continued next episode, don't worry!
(or just go check out my YouTube)