Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

weapon same attack 30 but price 100 and 150
i never buy 4th weapon same attack with 3rd weapon LOL

JackAstral responds:

Whoops- that was a just a typo. Fixed!

The game was short overall, which is good enough for its simplistic gameplay. My biggest complaint is the battle system. Misses make the damage extremely inconsistent and irritating. A decent game overall

Nice Sonic battle theme.

I always use up the Special attack during the start of the battle.

And lmao, such a troll when the potions were FREE once you unlocked the boss (lvl 10). I wasted 200 coins buying them..

Well, the introduction looked fine to me. The menu as well. But then it begun aaaand... well, unfortunately I was getting disappointed. The sounds and the music are all fine and great.
The graphics are.. matter of taste - I liked it! But then there comes the combat system and.. yea' not really my thing. First of all, the animations are not that well done - in fact, it looked ridiculous and was not really complex (although it does not have to be).
Besides that it is a good game, not perfect, but good.