Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

Well, the introduction looked fine to me. The menu as well. But then it begun aaaand... well, unfortunately I was getting disappointed. The sounds and the music are all fine and great.
The graphics are.. matter of taste - I liked it! But then there comes the combat system and.. yea' not really my thing. First of all, the animations are not that well done - in fact, it looked ridiculous and was not really complex (although it does not have to be).
Besides that it is a good game, not perfect, but good.

Last one is soooooo hard but nice game!

easy stuff, slice forever, boost atack forever, win the game, thnks for the medal points, but it sucks

Quite well made, but boring and unchallenging. It's very repetitive.

Meh, I couldn't really get into it. I tried though. Nice art.