Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

ok first the combat is really stale, just swinging your sword take the fun away and dosen,t satisfy me at all second, the song playing is a comeplete copy of sonic the hedgehog twilight zone i mean, its not a remix it sounds EXACTLY like it and its very easy and short indeed if the combat was better and they added a drop of challenge i think it woul have been better

> 100 plus > 100 plus > 100 does not ever equal <250.

I just spent 5 minutes trying to find something positive to say about this game, which is the amount of time I actually played it before becoming bored with it.

Umm..... Wow... Lol...

Your games used to be fun :/ This feels lazy and thrown together quickly for Christmas which made it feel like a chore to play.

Attack and defense skills are useless and this game punish whoever heavily invested into those junk skills.