Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

Well this was an interesting RPG Christmas edition.

Well I love this game very much. I had no problems defeating the minions but some of the powerful units were very tricky without powerful equipment and wisely placing the skill points (I always go for equal until I have some left for 'attack'.) Would be better that I didn't have to collect coins after getting the powerful items.
Cool Christmas game.
Merry Christmas 08jackt

It's a fun and new experience that I, personally, enjoyed. It's a fairly simple RPG that provided me with quite the enjoyment. The medals are fairly easy to get, as long as you don't mind a little grinding. I got them all and there were no bugs or glitches.

Nice game. Why need 3D badass graphics when you got simple rpg gameplay to keep things exciting. only beef is that it is kinda short. If you can add some more levels leading up to bad santa and maybe some level 6-9 weapons and maybe a super boss after bad santa, you can get a bit more out of it. Other then that, it a nice short rpg game. you should consider making something on a larger scale.

Alright, this game is fun. A bit too fun, and distracting because of all the colors and motion. But it feels good to do something distracting and fun this time of year. It's a time of rest, and this game slides in beautifully. It's the kind of game I'll tell my grandchildren about, but then forgot the name, or what website it was listed on, because I'll be in my late 70s in a cabin by myself and my dog Martha. But I'll remember the experience. Isn't the experience what all of life is about? You, the maker of this game, my friend, my brother, have given me life.

Half a star taken off because there is no true mass nirvana on Earth.

nicely done, this is one of the few RPGs where I didn't mind the level grinding