Reviews for "circloO"

As a heavy drug user, i have to offer you a hug. That's right, i will drive out there and face sleep deprivation and legal trouble to just give you a hug, this is a very simplisitic game, no question. But the way that you made it, with each interaction in the game keeping the original layout but unearthing more as you progress is an extremely solid gameplay system. But no, the gameplay is not why i will give you this hug, it's the art style, the atmosphere, how slow yet fast the game is and most importantly the music. My friend, i am in another world right now, rotating a sphere to get this ball to it's home. It is just me and the ball right now, rolling through the grooveline of a slow strumming guitar and a mellow beat.

Thank you

a cool unique puzzle

"Holy shit this game is hard..."

*You've unlocked hard mode!*

"...this is gonna be a long night"

This game has a minimalistic, but also entertaining concept, as well as good designed and very well tested levels. Though I agree with others, that it gets boring with the time, I still think the levels are challenging, but doable.

The things I don't like are from a technical nature (as is often with games): After the second or third circle in each level, the game starts to lag. Not horribly to make it impossible to play, but annoyingly enough to make it harder to enjoy it. Furthermore, after having logged in (i.e. refreshed the page), I had to start over, although I was almost done.

This is an amazing game, though the vanishing circles drove me nuts.