Reviews for "circloO"

This is such a unique concept. It's such an intelligent game and design. You have on your hands a masterpiece! Favourited and will share!!

Really nice. Tightly programmed, elegant design, and perfectly paced level progression. Well done!

Why can't I stop playing this!? Everything about this game is excellent, the calm thought inducing music, the simplistic design yet challenging game play is everything I look for in a flash game. My friend you have thoroughly peaked my interest and I would seriously love to see more of this in the future! Thank you and a strong 5/5 is very well deserved!

It wasn't bad, but it just ended up boring me to the point that I wasn't having fun anymore playing it.

As some constructive criticism, try adding more purpose, and mostly more choice. I felt like I had no real choice playing this game, which I don't particularly like.

Again, it wasn't terrible, but I didn't like it.

You've got a really good thing going here! I loved it. The feel of momentum, the puzzle design that puts so much focus on circles and circle physics. Mobile, now, before someone else rips it off and puts it there!