Reviews for "circloO"

The idea seemed like it would be boring.....but this is so wonderful.......I want more...way more.......SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

A pretty simple and fun idea for a game, and the circular platformer levels are a unique touch. I like the minimal colors (and that they shift for each level) and transitions, the subtle music, and the way each level expands to reveal more and more, though it feels like the controls could've been much smoother. In the levels, how about being able to jump in addition to just slide along the floor? In the menu, transitions between menu items was a bit slow. Could use polishing, but overall it was good fun! Keep it going!


So simple, but at the same time... so complicated.

Nicely done.

There were times I wished I could jump though.

This is seriously one of the coolest games I've played in a while.

Can not describe it in one word...
But i just want to say .. This is masterpiece , more than a games .. this is about Art.