Reviews for "circloO"

Unusual gameplay and groovy guitar. Very indie :D 5/5
Though, the hard mode wasn't as hard as that tiny level with just two stationary dots and a goal on top of level)

gostei. jogo fora do comum :D

It was pretty good, however I would have preferred if it had achievements. Also if the music wasn't trying to put me to sleep that would be great.

Gonna be brief.

+Easy to play
+Hard to beat
+Nice music
+Ability to turn it off
+Decent play time
+Unique design

-Stutters occasionally
-Slightly disorienting after an hour or more (seeing a circle rock back and forth)
-No keyboard layout (that I found)

Worth the play, pleasing to look at, and fun concept/execution, but not quite sure why I'd very randomly have a drop in frame rate. It wouldn't even be a mediocre one like 60 to 45, it was down to like 19ish. My rig is made for gaming so I have to assume it's the game.

All in all pretty good.

It's okay, not exactly the best, but not the worst.