Reviews for "circloO"

At first i thought this game was pretty enjoyable, i would have given it a 4, but ever since I've beaten it i keep coming back to play it again and again. Please release new levels, I'm begging you, I'm addicted to this game.

great! its simple and the mood is really touching!
im sure it would be better if the music change a little bit, during the play time. but its great already!
but I have a question: what tool did you use to create it? did you code it yourself or.. what?
thank you! ;)

flori9 responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like the game. I made the game using GameMaker: Studio with the HTML5 export.

very good for such a simple game

Not bad it really makes you use your head to think things out. I like how you changed it up with the hard mode when you had to use other solid balls to hit the circle. the ones that kept disappearing really got me stumped for a bit.

Good game, but a bit too easy. I finished normal and hard mode in about an hour