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Reviews for "TUMOR: A Distorted Terror"

i am left ...unappeased.... it was concluded but this raised more questions than it answered for me. i have NO CLUE how rode jade and kayla are connected other then by very vauge mentionings during the confrontation between jade and rose. plus rode forgave herself at the end of Skin. i feel like this story should have been MUCH bigger. id love to share ideas on it considering a prequel of some sort and possibly a skin two which could further explain why rose lost her grip and became evil. the stories are connected by a few thing strands. id love to help fill in the gaps :) i still loved this reguardless.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thanks :) one thing people are asuming i noticed is that SKIN comes before this , now im not saying it comes after either im just saying think about it lol i would like to continue it as a actual game i mean it's about 3 girls and we've seen 2. It's kinda asking for a third about karla. This is just how i feel lol i want to do it but guess i'll just have to see what happens. Feel free to fill in the blanks i have an idea of how they go together and i left alot out on purpose to keep people quessing so i'm more the happy to hear some theories

Why is it so gooooood and oooooveeeer ugggghhhhhh
Basically I loved the series, of course I was disappointed at the ambiguous ending but tis for the season and I can make my own from that last little bit, so overall 5 stars :)
Though the music was even better in this one even if the animation took a long time for the amount of content but hnnng I super want that soundtrack now XS

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thanks :) im glad you liked the series. First off once i've got zip zippers aproval i'm going to make a soundtrack on youtub, just an ost video with all tracks on it and second it could continue in tge future but if it did it'll be a game so im not making any promises lol but if im able to make a game in the future i will

What about adopting, and at the same time getting the 3 of them pregnant with artificial insemination? Surely with the 3 of them pregnant and 3 adopted kids, at least one should be bound to survive beyond 9 months... actually forget that, just get them a pet, a pet rock that is, i don't trust any of them with the care of living animals.

This one was the less creepy one, but it is as sad as the first ones.

ClockworkPixel responds:

I love the idea of you kicking down tge door slapping rose across the face handing her a pet rock and being like "THERE! TAKE THAT! Now get over it!" Lol


ClockworkPixel responds:

Woooo thanks

There you go, 5 stars !

I need to watch all over again to get it all but fuck, that's a great 4th episode ! Even more creepier, mad, twisted and with an evolution of the storytelling (as you did since SKIN). The only thing that bored me a little was the fact that Jade make always the same attack. Combo 1 2 3 4 5... Combo 1 2 3 4 5... She hasn't item like in the first episode (SKIN) but that would have been even more entertaining. That would have make me go for 4.5/5 but hey, i freaking love tragic renewal of human race. Music is nice too, goes very well with the action ! If i could go with a note for the whole serie, that would be a 5.

Thanks for your work guys !

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thanks for your suport :) jades hits were more about the rythem of tge music but i see what you mean kinda a small step dowm from skin really