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Reviews for "TUMOR: A Distorted Terror"

There you go, 5 stars !

I need to watch all over again to get it all but fuck, that's a great 4th episode ! Even more creepier, mad, twisted and with an evolution of the storytelling (as you did since SKIN). The only thing that bored me a little was the fact that Jade make always the same attack. Combo 1 2 3 4 5... Combo 1 2 3 4 5... She hasn't item like in the first episode (SKIN) but that would have been even more entertaining. That would have make me go for 4.5/5 but hey, i freaking love tragic renewal of human race. Music is nice too, goes very well with the action ! If i could go with a note for the whole serie, that would be a 5.

Thanks for your work guys !

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thanks for your suport :) jades hits were more about the rythem of tge music but i see what you mean kinda a small step dowm from skin really

This is the kind of animation that makes my dick rock hard! Nice developed story with nice 8-bit visuals. Was not a 5 because, at least to me, the ending was not perfect. It was still good, it is great to leave the person watching wondering what the hell happened to the protagonist but it just felt like it missed something. I'm not telling you to tell me if she lived or not it just felt like it could be a more developed and deeper ending.
Keep doing great stuff man!
I FUCKIN LOVE MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ClockworkPixel responds:

You love mother! I love mother! We all love mother! And thanks i know what you mean with the ending if i had more time i would of prohaps done it a little different but thats tge way it is

I don't think I really understood the storyline, but this was perfect for the season.
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Fair enough. Thanks :)

Holy crap my brain... I haven't felt like this mind f*@ked since black swan and dead space 2.... You did an amazing job with the animation and artwork despite being on a crunch time.

Ever since Skin: A pixel nightmare, I had a hunch this was all about an abortion or miscarriage. All the pieces of the story are together now, but god damn the ride was jarring on my sanity.. I have no idea how you managed to stay in one piece while making this whole thing.

The only thing that bugged me was that this feels like it ended on a cliff hanger, can't stop thinking if there's more or its legitimately ended.

Your series is one of a kind, enjoyed it every step of the way.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you very much :). Well if i'm honest I feel if there was gonna be another it would have to be an actual game and i feel that kind of has to be a thing since it is a game but i cant promise ill make a game or if i do if it will continue roses, jade and karlas story. What im saying is i kind of left it open so i'm able to go back to it if i want to in the future

Hay, do u lik Earthbound? Ha! ha! Is joke.

Anyway, this series was both good and creepy. It's a shame you couldn't decide if Jade was gonna make it or not. I suppose some cycle of suffering would continue if she did. Perhaps you can go for an happy ending and have a joyful ménage à trois between these three women? It would also be rated M, but not for the same reason.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Part of me wants to see that lol thanks for the review. I guess people can decide for themselfs if she makes it or not and if someone does find anything that proves she makes it i hope they let me know haha