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Reviews for "TUMOR: A Distorted Terror"

A great story.....

"Sci`, the deadly traitor appeared"
Me: Okay! Wt& is this!
you: Dammit! Were rebooting!
Me: You are! not me! "Runs like hell"
You: why is this deja vu?

ClockworkPixel responds:

You: later loser!
Me: god damnit this shit again
Sci: at least this time we have milkshakes
*slurps milkshake*

So, they're lesbians?

ClockworkPixel responds:

... It took till part 3 to realise? Lol yeah they are

I wiant to rate this higher, but I can't, to start, this wasn't scary, it may have frightened some people, but they don't know scary. It relied very heavily on gore and blood, and its story was so loosely connected to SKIN's story too. The only thing I could grasp was that Rose lost a child, and Jade felt guilty not being there for her.

The biggest nail in the coffin for me though is how inconsistent it is, the pixels aren't the same size in a bunch of scenes, and the genre of game isn't clear at all, it looks to be either an RPG or point and click, but elements from both are thrown in, I would guess it's an RPG, but other than the final battle there are no RPG fights.

Perhaps you could combine the story of Skin and Tumor and have them remade with some changes to make the plot a bit more evident and make it more consistent, but otherwise I'm left dissapointed, it was an interesting concept, but unfortunately it was thrown together hastily.

ClockworkPixel responds:

It just homage to gaming it has different elements of different games it's an animation if it was a game it would be set in one genre but irs an animation a love letter to games and i know it's not scary it's not going for a shit your pants scary its going for unease and atmosphare if you dont think if captured that then i've failed but i'm not going for shit pants scary :) the pixel art is just how it is it's different sizes due to miscalculation of sizes when importing them. Im still learning lol pixel art is new to me. I like to think as skin and tumor as learning grounds and will put them together to actaully make a game hopefully that will work for your taste. Anyway thanks for the review and ill be honest part 3 was alittle rushed due to the deadline

Nice, i want a next part it was great

ClockworkPixel responds:

Maybe in the future lol

I do hope you do continue this story in some way, would love to see more.
Given how the story has gone so far, would Jade be the antagonist if there was another?

ClockworkPixel responds:

Uuuuugh maybe lol would be cool to make that a running theme.