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Reviews for "TUMOR: A Distorted Terror"

Ermagerd! So good!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you

so disturbing... and thats good!!
liked it very much, felt much like a game in a good way.
reminded me of the crazy bosses from the Earthbound series (or Mother).

keep up the good work

ClockworkPixel responds:

I wonder how many times im gonna say to i love the mother series tonight lol but i have no problem with this! Thanks :)

This was definitely a cool series, and it fit the Halloween theme. The series as a whole really gave me a feeling that I was looking at a homage to Sweet Home and the Mother series with its warped depictions and retro sound design. Another thing I liked was there was a reliance on atmosphere and imagery more than cheap scares; the imagery itself, mainly in this part, left some things to be desired, but it worked out in the end. The music, though, really contributed to the series, and I don't have any qualms with it. The story -- for me at least -- seemed interesting, but at the same time lacked a certain "oomph," because it did not seem too... original, yet at the same time it had its own flair. I don't know; maybe this is because I'm still somewhat confused with the story. There was a whole wave of exposition at the end of this part, and I tried my hardest not to get wiped out. I get the gist of it, it's mainly just that it seems somewhat goofy (I can't really explain it due to spoilers, and also because I don't know how to phrase it).

As for the review for this particular entry, it wrapped things up nicely. It wasn't as creepy as the second part,mainly because of some goofy sounds and visuals; Dr. Flagg, though he reminded me of Giygas, kind of fell flat especially when I saw what was under the mask, and Rose's pretzel transformation and gibberish kinda killed the mood for me. Otherwise, the atmosphere remained the same. I've already rambled about the story, and frankly I don't have much else to point out specifically for A Distorted Terror.

Despite some problems, this was a good journey. However, if anything, I think that this might have worked out better as its own game, fleshing out (no pun intended) some key elements like the atmosphere and especially the story. Though that will take more work than what you've already put out, so that may be just wishful thinking. Still, you guys did a great job! Keep up the good work!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you very much for the review it was a great read and ill try and give a much clearer story on our next project. You've knocked it right on the head with the sweet home and mother homage! If you pause and look around Jade's room in part 1 theres a reference to everygame that inspired this and skin

I saw what you did there ;D
Earthbound fight mother theme
As always you impressed me,but i don't get the ending,is strange.
Nice story!

ClockworkPixel responds:

I bloody love mother lol thanks

I loved it. It was disturbing and strange, and I loved it. Cool story, only reason for the .5 is, while its implied, I don't know if she made it.

ClockworkPixel responds:

I honestly don't know if she did or not guess that's why it ended like that i cant decide which one feels right. Thanks for the review