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Reviews for "TUMOR: A Distorted Terror"

Exquisite. Not as good in my opinion as the previous ones because in those the emphasis was on the dark story and your imagination. You have talent, you NEED to tell such stories. This is the most original series I have seen for a long time.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you very much that means alot. I'm glad you liked the series and I have plenty more stories to tell, I'm going to be more active next year and not to limit myself to halloween

It honestly wasn't that scary but I stayed for the plot which is pretty good.
The thing that bugged me was I have no idea to who's the original mother of the baby but I'm guessing it's Kayla since something popped out of her womb during one of the parts.
Also, from what I can tell, after Kayla dumped Jade, the baby somehow died in Rose's care and Kayla blamed Rose for it. This drove Rose to insanity and probably caused the events of Skin and TUMOR to occur. Lastly, Jade said she won't "give up so easily" so I'm guessing she might torment Kayla.


ClockworkPixel responds:

Rose was the mother she had a miscarrage and karla blammed her for it ...a lot of people get confussed over tge plot so let this go on record as tge true plot to TUMOR and SKIN ... Rose and kaaarrrll_lll_llll

Loving the battle reference to both Earthbound and MOTHER 3. The battle backgrounds and combo system bring back memories along with all the other little ques that take place. So Jade and Rose were lovers eh? Sad to see it all ended up like it did at the end. Although seeing as Jade looks fine at the end dancing to music in a black void, I feel she might be alright.

The story was pretty disturbing but well written which makes me happy. The graphics for this episode remind me of Earthbound obviously and the white chamber as well.

I really liked the audio. The inaudible vocals fit the piece perfectly since that world is distorted far beyond belief due to events that all began in Skin: A Pixel Nightmare. The only sad part is that the audio is not available anywhere. Maybe ZipZipper will make it available at some point?

Overall, nice way to finish the story. :)

ClockworkPixel responds:

I'm gonna give him an e-mail letting him know how badly everyone wants the soundtrack and if its ok with him ill post a ost video on youtube :) thanks for the review

Was there no real conclusion to the ending? Or did Jade lose?
They were lesbians? o_o

ClockworkPixel responds:

Yeah they are lol i thought the ending to part 1 let people know that. It's an opening ending so people can decide what they want and also so im able to go back to it in the future if i wanted

A great story.....

"Sci`, the deadly traitor appeared"
Me: Okay! Wt& is this!
you: Dammit! Were rebooting!
Me: You are! not me! "Runs like hell"
You: why is this deja vu?

ClockworkPixel responds:

You: later loser!
Me: god damnit this shit again
Sci: at least this time we have milkshakes
*slurps milkshake*