Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

One complain: when we obtain knowlage about atoms, price for research calculating from atom number.
But new atoms opens in some different order.We can stuck on At for very long time.

NewProject responds:

In knowledge I put "stoppers".
You must decide if you want sacrifice atoms to continue advancing in knowledge or focus in others (upgrades, evolution).
The elements in knowledge appear in the same order as the zones unlock in main screen. Inside a zone they appear in atomic number order. Knowing the price system, you need to choose when it's time to focus in knowledge.

Interesting game, nice twist on the usual idle game. My main criticism is that it can be a bit jumpy when you're moving the extractors, particularly if you get them too close to one another. Makes it very hard to try and get 5 on one square when they keep jumping around or moving back to where they started from.

NewProject responds:

After a few levels, you can select a life bonus to reduce the extractors jump.

Holy crap, i thougth the game would be failry small and short with few upgrades and stuf, but when i got deeper in it it was actually fairly complex and interesting. Really dig the gameplay and mechanics. although the art work is of mediocre level.

awesomegame great idea. need a scoreboard and it's perfect

NewProject responds:

Thank you!
In exam -> Universal Rank its your position relative to the other players.
I don't put a "enter your name" screen and a list with names... perhaps in the future :)