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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

The are of the zones need to be desperately bigger so you can put all the extractors inside, or make them magnetic (as in of different charges) so they can stick instead of repel each other.

very original. i was looking for something like this. it has lots of potential!

So I played the game for 2 hours, and then the next step is for me to "continue the game" 3 times. So I'm Logged in on Newgrounds as usual, I already left the game for 30m (due to the last challenge). I do it once... Then I close and reopen the game for the second time and...
THERE IS NO CONTINUE BUTTON anymore, only the "new game".
... Yes its the same browser, yes cookies and all... but it just erased my game.

NewProject responds:

I feel the trouble I've caused you.
I upload a new version where I detect if there are an error when save. The save button must change to red and a new popup appears.

Sorry to bother you, but could you test it? Start a game, click "save" and tell me if you see it in red.

By the way, if you want, now you can play using export/import.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Excellent idle. Lot's of stuff to do. I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Think I've learned more about chemistry in the past 7 hours than I did my entire high school run.

A few minor gripes that are more personal preference than gripe. I kinda would like to be able to exchange all, or exchange by group/zone. I use it quite often to rush upgrades, evolution and knowledge. One by one gets old fast. Make capacity/amount clickable on/off and update while on. I like to watch numbers grow, the more the merrier. Explain some things better, like life bonuses and what do mutations do, if anything. Maybe, Just let it run out of focus instead of making it idle. I lost a lot of time in the black hole that is wikipedia that you sent me down. Also, more wiki links :P.

The concept of evolution, atoms as idle game really fits well! Great idea :)
+Nice game to play slowly, popping by now and again.

btw... were there medals yesterday? Whatever I got level 5 medal but none for levels 1, 2, 3, 4.

NewProject responds:

In the last version, the game must check the medals missed and add it...
In the new version, I add a button (newgrounds icon) in the 1st screen. I hope you get all medals with this.