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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

this game is a good idle game and people will learn something new from it :D althrough i miss the possibility for achievements to do something and do you know a way to edit my review or to write a normal comment?

Everytime I start the game I encounter a problem/bug: at first there's a black screen with the "Idle Evolution" title on and a long white bar below it, then the game loads the menu but buttons do not work, so I click on New Game or mute button and it doesn't work, same for the button for changing languages... Can anybody help me to understand if it's only me or if somebody had the same problem too and how to fix it? If this can help, I'm using Google Chrome.

NewProject responds:

Your loading process is really slow.
Try to play without any torrent client, antivirus, ...

In the 1st balck screen with title, I only parse the language file, if this take seconds this is a big problem because the normal is that the people don't see this screen.

Can you add individual mute buttons for the sound and music? Great game concept, by the way.

I encountered a bug when I clicked the New Game button on the start screen.

NewProject responds:

Can you explain it little more? Too many people start the game without problems.
You can't click the button / The button never become active / Freeze or black screen after click / You see the game screen / ... ?¿
And what's your OS and browser.

Amazing game!
But one thing: When I import my last game it works totaly fine exept there is no text inside the buttons anymore. Everything else is fine, I just can not read anything anymore.
Any chance I messed up my import file? e.g. the offset x/y of the text?

NewProject responds:

It's a bug :( You import a data to a browser that don't have any savegame. Offset x/y don't come with the import.
I uploaded a new version.

Steps only for you:
1) Export (copy text)
2) Clear data
3) Import (paste text)

I hope this work.