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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

Great, great game. Really enjoying it.

Three questions:

1. How do you get the third ship cannon? I saw that Maggal and Seriedine have it; but I'm already past Wardrake destroying my ship in hard mode and I still only have two ship cannons.

2. I did notice that Sariedine and HellsWrath also both have pretty much all level 999 items, is that somehow possible or is that just blatant cheating?

3. Are the challenges not supposed to reset in hard mode? I started with 44/45 challenges complete.

Nice game. Has everything what a game this category needs. good work!
Enjoy playing it. Artwork, Programming. Voice acting, Style,....

Just found one Bug in skills:
100% chance of uncommon loot is not 100% uncommon loot. i see what you did there :)

Besides the bugs, this game works great. And i don't care if it has bugs right now. I am playing it for free and i have fun with it. so, thx a lot and keep the good work up.
(If you balance the dmg and def playing style, it would come out more diverse. e.g. include % of dmg reduction stuff... . that later if you want to keep this game online and people 'credit' for it, it continues to be competetive and fun.)

And add moar LVLS and GEAR!!! until lvl 20.000.000 dmg! ;)

4,5 points (5 points from me 'beeing' a gamer minus half for me 'beeing' a critic right now xD)

My only problem with the game is the constant need to upgrade equiment when you probably don't have the crystals or the money to do so. It became even worse at the end of my playthrough when I'm guessing you updated the game to automatically refresh rare items inthe store. It only meant that an item that I liked was going to be too expensive and it would disappear by the time I had the money to pay for it. Waiting to craft with 10 crystals is a must given how much better a rare or legedary weapon is. Upgrading items is virtually worthless because you'll be trading it for another shorly after. Therefore you shouldn't have upgrading in the game I don't fault you for using in game purchases, but I wouldn't want to buy something so short term.

I never had to grind because I could dodge the bullets pretty well and the items I found or bought could usually, even if just barely, get me through the levels. I did notice the difficulty increase, but I was able to get through the levels with 100% on most tries. The second round of bosses was just a waste of time. They were the same but with more health or a slightly different attack pattern.

I did finish the game and I enjoyed my time here. Just the things I mentioned above ruined some of the experience. I didn't play multiplayer and I have no intention to either. You should have let us use our newground accounts because it would have been easier for us.

Damn this game is addicting ! I've wasted days of productive work playing this game until I was able to finish it. So here's an overall review.

-I have found a rather irritating bug. If you start the berzerker rage and pause the game in the middle of the berzerker animation the game will continue playing regardless. Since I was busy I could do nothing but hear Conquest scream in pain, die, ressurect, and then scream in pain and die again.
-The meteor power up is filling the screen and makes it hard to see what's going on, especially on bullet hell stages where you have to be extra cautious
-Once there was a bug where the stage finish screen didnt appear at all and Conquest was stuck flying endlessly through the air. Though I dont know what triggered it, it only happened once.
-Like another reviews was saying : Offense is the best defense, I have found no purpose in upgrading anything but strenght the whole playthrough up to level 45. And even when I did it didnt prevent me from grinding like there was no tomorrow, I never felt that strong or powerfull except when I grabbed a new weapon.
-Speaking of weapons a little after the star shaped boss, the game doesnt drop any good weapon anymore, and the only way to get a boost in power is to buy them in store. I wouldnt have too much of a problem with that if gold wasnt always so scarce and hard (and by hard I mean you have to play levels over and over and over again) So the weapon you get ends up being endlessly sold for better ones.
-I didnt cared much for quality, rareness nor special effect, everything I needed were weapon that dealt a lot of damage. I only upgraded a weapon once to get one of the achievements.
-Lightning isnt very precise, twice I died because I couldnt focus the beaming fish (I call them Catatafishes personally) and ended up watching helplessly my ship dying while the thunder flat out ignored them even when there wasnt any ennemy on screen.
-Speaking of Catatafishes, they are the only real threat to the boat, once your boat has enough HP I found it easier to let him take most of the hits rather than taking them myself. Well that is in normal mode
-I was quite disapointed in the ending, the final boss comes out of nowhere and he's not even that hard to beat (I managed to do it on my fist try on normal and I wasnt even able to pass through the boss of the vulcain cave) and what you give us after hours of grinding is a "to be continued." this is a let down.
-I managed to reach the first cave of the land of trials only to be completely destroyed by the first boss, this is insane ^^.

But what else can I say? This game is truly addicting, And I couldnt stop playing it from begining to end. Good job, and cant wait to see more