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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

a lot of effort went into this and my review is nothing new here.

1: the story is terrible. the enemies are "critters"? really? not the most threatening name and not one i can see the cities under seige by them using. "oh holy shit run for your lives! hide the women and children! make your peace with god! the .....critters....are here...." but that said its a fun world populated with two dimensional and cliche characters that waffle on and on but what little dialog is actually spoken is not badly voice acted. just wish there was more.

2:upgrading weapons. there really is just no point at all. crystals are relitively hard to come by making the upgrades really expensive and for what TINY effect they have on stat boosts are not worth it at all. now take in to account that this weapon will be made completely obsolete by the next one that comes along and sold off.....why would i bother upgrading them even if it wasnt incredibly hard to do so in the first place? i wouldnt even waste gold on them.

3: what were you thinking with the purple dragon boss?! it has a RIDICULOUS ammount of health and is an utter asshole to boot. i tried a few times to beat him without success then went away to grind for a bit and when i came back to try again? NOPE. was the response. i very nearly ragequit there and then. luckily however i read the comments and found that i could hide in the bottom right corner and not get hit. so i did, and let the ship autocannons deal with it while i watched youtube videos.... for over ten minutes......

4: i found this in a couple places, from start till ragequit, there are FUCKING SHARP difficulty increases! as in "congratulations you just hit a brick wall and will go no further unless you grind for ages and/or get lootlucky" while i persevered through the first couple the one after i had endured the fiasco of the purple dragon was just too much and i gave up completely.

shame as i liked this game, the weapons while limited in selection were satisfying to collect and felt about right in their styles. the upgrade tree and loot systems were well designed. just wished their respective trees were bigger. Now im obviously critisisng a lot here but i dont mean to so ill end on an up note, like i said its obvious a LOT of blood sweat and tears went into this and the final product is fantastic. overall i really liked the whole experience. from "POW" to "diediedie" to "well aint that pretty".
but sadly there are flaws in this game and they are large ones. really big.
"fuck it nope nuh-uh niet nah chump that" big.


Not only are you and your's exceptional and gifted game designers, but you also seem like honest, stand up people. I'm genuinely impressed by your composure under fire from a community that doesn't always see how hard things can be when you're a developer who really just wants to make face-meltingly epic content. If you're ever on the East Coast of the USA shoot me a PM and I'll buy you beer.

Awesome game, by the way.

BerzerkStudio responds:

Woah! Thanks man! That's good fuel to keep up working :).

I'll add that making game is a teamwork, these days I'm more or less the only one in front of the camera, but there's a team of very talented people behind me, so I'll pass the word to the rest of the team!


It's a pretty entertaining game, but can be a bit grind-tastic at times. Also the dragon boss is ludicrous, but can be easier if each time it prepares its laser attack you move to the lower right corner of the screen, if you're really close to the corner, you won't receive damage

I am pretty good at these kinda games but the 3rd boss is complete overkill, it eventually becomes so boring to attempt to kill it, it's just sush an incredibly slow progress that it numbs your concentration and you just die from the boredom.

and that thing that happens when you move the mouse a split second away from the screen...yeah not a fan.

I'll give you 2,5 stars because there obviously went alot of time into making this and it has been enjoyable for 2 hours or so.

but in conclusion, don't like it.

I couldn't see a forum for this game anywhere or much strategy in the comments so here are my tips:


Get the passive loot boosting upgrades (money, loot chance, and quality of loot) asap as even slight increases in items make a big difference (more on this below).

Most of the offensive spells are weak and don't justify their mana cost, relative to the basic grenade. The fact the the maximum mana is only 300 makes this worse as none of the spells, apart from grenade and perhaps bezerk, can be cast more than once without waiting for mana .


Offense is the best defense. You need to clear the screen (and repetetive annoying 'wall' creatures) or you will die to collisions (which do huge damage), laser spam or to the creatures ramming your ship, so prioritise offensive items especially on the hero, since the ship is a terrible shot.

Flame is very good for hitting multiple enemies (especially as the number of them and amount of 'walls' increase with difficulty) but requires more skilled dodging. Laser and lightning are good for bosses as they allow you to concentrate on dodging and provide constant damage. N.B. the lightning gun can shoot up and backwards, though seemingly only at close range. This is very useful for one of my tricks: moving past shot spammers like the blue eyes and dragon heads and letting the lightning shoot backwards at them (whilst my ship helps) whilst I am safe :) you can move under or in front of enemies to dodge their shots whilst also being able to hit them.

Only 'craft' with then crystals and, since there's no time limit,make sure you get the legendary item (preferably a weapon). If you don't like the legendary refresh and try again.


It's not fair that you don't get all the prizes that preceded the level you reached. It means it's often better to not finish a challenge and keep playing all but the last stage. Also, when it says 18 chests are given as a prize you only get one. Why is this?

4.The Dragon Boss

His neck does not damage you so you can hide at the right edge of the screen :) Move there as soon as he gives the 'red fire' sign that he's about to use lasers. Don't get hit my his eye( which does big collision damage) when you move back out to continue shooting him afterwards though. Also, the lightning gun locks on and hits him (backwards) even when you're hiding there.

5. Conclusion

Storyline is guff but that's not what these games are for. The drawn out lightning blasts at start of boss fights are make me laugh because theyr'e so corny. How do I kill Death? Knock of each part? I've only tried once. I love his bulging sack by the way.

Overall: good game.