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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

Nice game

Add me: Luis1109

I love this game! I am having slight trouble understanding when the items level up though...

i hear some people said this game was hard ...
and they either quit half way or cheat their way ...
let me give some guide for easy fight:
item guide:
-item power level change every time you beat a boss
-craft common item is the best way to get item,since craft always better than shop list
and you doesn't need to grind , or pay with real money,just play and free
-never craft rare/legendary item early game(it's not worth it)
-craft common/uncommon item when you stuck at boss
-right click will help your timing to pick craft item "i do it to pick what i need XD"
1st bosses :(1 head)
-no tip, it's easy
(3 head)
-Grenade level 3
-mp plus level 8 / max
-all level up status appoint to ship damage
do anything you can to kill the little critter
and use grenade when the boss is charging
(the effective way is when 3 head is charging,and blast em with grenade)
2nd boss :
-need laser or flame weapon
-how about meteor rain,since he protected by annoying critter
-i put every level up status at ship damage (reset is free by the way)
-how about give some love to your ship cannon ? you need good damage
-Run while spam meteor rain and let the ship fight !!!

3rd bosses:(big headed dragon)
( i hate this one since i am offensive player)
-put every level up status at hero hp
-shield skill is MAX and put the rest to mp plus
-i recommend to craft common/uncommon item using 2 crystal and change
everything you have to the best (especially your hero armor) (read item guide for better chance)
-1st pattern the best boss attack pattern is when this boss summon his allies,kill all his summoned allies and sometimes the boss will keep repeat this pattern
-2nd pattern when the boss will charge to his front(when his head not moving),evade by moving up or down
-3rd pattern, when the boss will charge and shoot,hard to evade,trust me !!!,it's time to use
your shield ability

4th bosses: (is this patrick star?)
-laser/flame + thunder,use both is the best
-this should be easy if your hero hp is very high and you follow my 3rd boss guide

5th bosses:(grim reaper)
-beat it in 20 second
-go to optional quest,land of trial , and beat all four trial
-this boss is useless compared to last trial

land of trial
1.trial of vulcan :
1st boss + extra power
- blast 3 head with grenade
2.trial of fire
2nd boss + extra power
-same stuff,use 2 crystal to craft if you are stuck
3.trial of laser
3rd boss + extra power
-same stuff,you need minimum of 35.000 hero hp
i got this boss with summon attack pattern for 7 times
and always almost dead when he tried to shoot me
4.trial of thunder
4th boss + extra power
- 2 thunder weapon total of 4000 damage
- tank + super evasion (moving skill won't help you without proper evade skill)

crystal guide:
never use it early
use it when stuck on bosses
never use it on item upgrade !!!
never use it on craft with cost 5 or 10 !!!(except you already beat hard mode)

Game is awesome, definitely addicting.

One bug I've found is that if you reload the game every couple of levels the gear levels dramatically increase. They don't seem to automatically go up with normal game progression, or at least do so very slowly.

Looking for friends to play this with, add me: rbluntz00

Newgrundling, I believe you get the third cannon from completing 50 waves of the Survival challenge.

Dunno, but I've seen items in the triple digits in the shop on hard mode.

The challenges reset, but the missions to gain extra skill points caps out at 45.