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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

Really good bullet-hell. (spoilers) But that goofy dragon needs to be tweaked, much harder than the other bosses even if you're over-leveled. Worth playing if your dodging skills are up for it!

Freat game, add me: Sariedine

So I had fun with the game until the difficulty ramped up all the sudden
Then it either called for a long grind or spend money in app

That my friend is bullshit and the reason that games like this are horrible

Add me: HellsWrath

I believe I've found a bug/exploit that occurs once level 45 is reached and you get the Beam cannon. If you die with the beam cannon active, once you resurrect the beam cannon will stay on until the end of the level, meaning you can strategically kill yourself and steamroll most enemies/bosses. Not sure if it's a bug or a feature, as even with this seemingly game breaking bug, the Laser Challenge is still practically impossible even as a level 50.