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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

too hard. and with quite some bugs. and boring for me.

I really wanted to like this game, but as time wore on, it just wasn't happening. I found a UMD on my first day and had the cop use it to clear out places and loot the hell out of them, which was great because it allowed me to use my other three survivors for research. However, the research is done very poorly. Creating a farm that has a chance to produce food? Unless the chance is 100%, I don't see the utility of having to have three or four survivors spend two days researching it. I researched the food production upgrade three times to it's assumed maximum, and each time it says "+1 supply/day" which in my mind means "every day, you get one supply," but this is not the case. Even with the third upgrade, I was lucky to get food AT ALL from my farms and traps and such. One time, I got two food, and that was great, but, it was not what I was expecting because the terminology is misleading.
I was able to deal with that, but another major flaw came into view: the inventory is completely useless, and doesn't even show the items you have. At one point, I tried to rescue someone, and he gives me a note. It even says "You got a NOTE" and yet this note is nowhere to be seen, nor can it be read or used to unlock anything. I basically searched a building just so I could waste 1 supply. Then back at basecamp I've got my research team trying to crank out some body armor, and once they are FINALLY done with it, NO FUCKING BODY ARMOR. I had had it at that point. I'm sorry man, fix this shit.

CutiePie and PewdiePie.. Just... Yes. I wanna play was them. xD

This game is obnoxiously annoying. If a team member is down and I beat the stage, even though I still have time to revive them, the level will end and they are DEAD.
I don't have time to write anymore. I gave it 2 hours, it sucks.

The first time I played this game it was the demo on here - I would have given it 5 stars at that point because the game was catchy and fun to play... so I got on steam and bought it for $12.99. What a disappointment! The game is fairly buggy (issues with item drops) and gets VERY boring, VERY fast. There's nothing (in my opinion) that switches things up and makes the game interesting - pretty much every level is either a bar, graveyard or police station-like building and they all look nearly identical. Now, this isn't to say the game is shit or anything - it's not. But it DEFINITELY isn't worth $12.99. If it was priced at, say, $4.99 I would definitely buy again knowing what I know.