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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Holy shit this game is hard ;-;

First of all the game was too hard. Second of all the drop of supplies and weapons were Too Low. Third of all when the survivors die the revive time was too short. well quiet basically those are all the flaws that i noticed in the Game, other than that; i quit actually enjoyed the the game, Nice work and Keep it up.

Gonna be completely honest,
I probably won't consider buying the game on steam until the devs fix that "forced" screen transition once a wave is cleared. ever time, I always lose one of my survivors who I was reviving because of the area transition. I get so far into the game and then suddenly losing my best ranged gunner and tank because of a screen transition. You see, the Charm of Rougelikes are the randomness, and I can dig that in this game; BUT the mechanics of forced gameplay totally crush the exprience. In many rougelikes you can WAIT, you have a moment to decide what you want to do next or what the most favorable thing to do is before the next hurdle you need to go through. you have time to make Decisions, informed or not.

In the open ended sections, there is very little decision when you are just running around trying to avoid killing the least zombie because you really need to loot for rescorces.

In the linear segments,
It is not a decision to have the suddenly have the screen transition when you successfully cleared a wave but lose any loot and party members who just happen to be downed during that time. All that is, is a MASSIVE irritation.

Then there was this one moment that particularly pissed me OFF and wanted to smash my computer. I assigned 4 characters to a Linear mission, everything was going smoothly with a mix of regular zombs and some special zombs, then suddenly on the second to last wave it released nothing but Large hard zombies, a few runners and 2 hazmat zombies. even with 3 turrets set up and the character decked out in armor and very strong weps. they got almost instantly destroyed.
And I was only on the 8th DAY.
Again, one of the traits of a good roughlike, You know when you are outclassed and need to think carefully ahead of time. But that experience was way, WAY beyond the appropriate levels of random. just made me feel the the game WANTED to ruin my day.

All this said, I still really like the game, but my god please. Fix some of these broken issues.

well i have no clue what to do when u get to camp. Like i never manage to catch food or get any progress and we all starve. I try to gather all the scraps before round ends but very very small delay time before it ends. I dont know if im missing something else i can do in town because it just seems i cant get any other options besides end day.

Buggy and broken. Several times now, during zed hunts, I couldn't find any more zed and none attacked my group although the kill meter indicated there were 11 zed still running loose. I was stuck and had to start over. With a perma-kill like this, that's annoying.