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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Waaay too easy to die at the outset. I frequently have problems with survivors randomly not shooting. Weapon is fully loaded, they just don't shoot the zombie gnawing on them. Not nearly enough starting food. Basically have to keep trying new games until you get lucky, and have enough to establish yourself.
As mentioned by others, is kinda dumb to clear a place out of zombies, and then automatically just leave all the loot behind. Should be able to properly clear a place out, get all the loot once you've wiped out all the zombies. Or maybe just keep having new waves enter, forever, until you die or leave. Which means you need an option to leave.

The gameplay is nice and fun but as people said, it's solely rely on luck. The chances of getting stuffs is making this game less impressive, according to the stereotype of the series as players can continue from the mission they failed and it's possible even for newbies to win the game.
This one is however, not difficult but barely impossible to play if players are not that much "lucky".
Please also check with the food upgrade if it really works.

i like the game, but its very very hard...

Beautiful Infectonator-style pixel art as always. Item drops are far too far and between. Randomizing the drops as it is makes things too dependent on chance. I tried it several times, and each time my amount of time in game was dependent wholly on luck. The first time I got almost no supply drops, and lasted a measly three or four days before my entire squad got ill and died of starvation. The second time through more supplies were available and I made it a whole week. As it is, this heavy heavy requirement of chance just to play breaks the gameplay in a decidedly not fun manner.

zombies go to hell