Reviews for "BOSS"

My Dream!!!

yep this was me in like every class in school XD

I think the perspective is a little misguided here. The guy's boss isn't coming down on him for trying to be creative, he expects his workers to stay on task and get a job done. In a work scenario your priority has to be to get your work done first, and THEN should you happen to have free time it would be more acceptable to draw doodles. Other than the misguided message, the flash was well constructed.

this was awesome.. sort of inspiring.. kinda.. great job and awesome animation, music, voices and everything.. once again awesome job and keep up the great work :3

Really like your animation and art style here, with excellent choices in the sound.

Strong message that I think plenty of people can relate to, really glad to read that this is effectively based on a true story of your experience. Congratulations in sticking with your dream and getting clear of the mundane 9-5 life that too many people settle for.