Reviews for "BOSS"

Jut ignore nmarfell's review. That's what you get when dumb people try to sound deep or complex or interesting.

Overall the idea is simple.

The main thing I liked was the lighting and color i the end scene in his new office.

I can't relate to this yet I can relate to this so much. As perplexing as that is, it just is

"This story was motivated by the frustration i felt working on a job in which creativity was out of place. And most of the conversations with coworkers had this phrase on them: "it's almost impossible to get to work in what you love". But i kept working on my portfolio and now i'm working as 2d animator. After all of what happened, i know that you will always reach your goals as long as you keep working to reach them."
STORY OF MY LIFE, BRO!!!.. Although, I don't work as a 2D animator...yet

That was freaking beautiful...
all my feels... all my likes...

The first time I watched this, I had to watch it without sound. But even then, I could still tell exactly what was happening. I think that's a pretty good indicator that this is indeed a very well animated cartoon! Awesome work. ;)