Reviews for "BOSS"

the art work was awesome.... but the video could have had more voice acting it was pretty long video which is good because most videos on new grounds are short the story was kinda dumb but was OK.

Great art (though it could use some more detail) and all...but what exactly was the plot?

Very good, its a thing we all can relate with .

Inspiring and well thought out. I loved how you did the colors as they're very soothing and easy on the eyes. Same is applied to the background as each colorscheme, especially the ones regarding the work area and the lunchroom, had a lot of consistency for it so we can still tell he's at his work. The animation itself was smooth and beautifully done as it had quite a bit of depth to it. Most importantly, I think you did an amazing job with the story as it had a point to it and you didn't detour it by having there be a moment where the boss gets the crap beaten out of him or something else horrible that happens to him. It's more of a "be patient and good things shall happen to you" message that I think is something that more people need to learn.

There are so many things that I liked, such as the boss turning into the villain that is in the guy's comic.

I have learned much from this inspiring video . I must gat a blade and kill my boss