Reviews for "BOSS"

I think that was great because he is going for his dream. His boss thinks no one appreciate what he has done. He can' t stop him for what he likes to do. If he want to be himself he can be himself. God made everyone with unique ability his is to draw. So bravo if he wants to be himself let him be himself. I will give you some advice nobody stopping you to accomplish your dream. That what the video mean're to me.
So bravo everyone has a purpose.

I feel the same when I face the angry face of my boss

good one we the working class all wish we could.

This is inspiring, the main character's situation is all too familiar with a lot of people, congrats on making your dreams come true. :)

not everything needs unpredictable twists and "over the top" statements to be worth a lot. I'm glad to hear you found work you like and that you could share a story of the process of that idea.